Walk on Skype: Feel free to pitch in, just wanted to try to capture the essence of our talk …

Bradley: I haven’t slept, I can’t believe Trump won the election. I’ve been in a daze, I feel doom and gloom like after 9/11,

Lone: I’ve been sucked into the drama too, but you know, it’s just two puppets playing out the shadow side reality show of our times, showing us the lies, the fuckedupness, the racism, and you know, it’s not like 9/11, no one has died yet.

Bradley, chuckling: You’re right. This is the first time i’ve laughed in the past 24 hours. I just feel like the world is going to hell, and hey, maybe this is exactly why we are writing about Sally and Rick. People want to escape. To Paris. Into romance.

Lone: You know, it’s not just that we, or Sally and Rick want to escape. We’re writing about romance, because we’re wondering how to live life and find meaning in a time that’s full of problems, segregation, hate and fear. And the two of us, we may think we’re writing romance to make money, but even beyond that, we two writers in the middle of life, we’ve been around, and we’re wondering how to can infuse our lives with a sense of adventure, fun, levity, how we at this age, can romance our lives again.

Bradley: It’s like loss of innocence, again. The question for us, may indeed be, is romance and adventure only for the 27 year olds, is it over for us around 50, or what does romance and adventure look like for us, now?

Lone: We romantics at heart Bradley. We are travelers, writers, dreamers, seekers. Adventure has always been romantic for me, traveling out, discovering new place, new people, going into unknown lands. But both of us have traveled to foreign lands, heck, both of us have just relocated – you to Holland, me to Denmark. It’s not like we’ve stopped moving, it’s just our sense of romance, adventure, fun is shifting.

Bradley: And today, I think we’re finding meaning and adventure in the writing…

Lone: Not only that, but we’re trying to rediscover what romance is. You are married and having to find ways to keep the connection and romance alive. i’m single, divorced, having to rediscover romance and courtship at this age. It’s just different and I think beyond the idea of making money or even writing about Sally and Rick, we’re writing this story to engage with the topic of romance, adventure, finding renewed meaning in life.

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