We’re off to a good start, Sally makes you blush and you want to send Rick home.

With a name like Sally, what did you expect? All I can think about is Sally from Sleepless in Seattle, the scene in which she’s faking an orgasm in a cafeteria, in public, in front of her still-friend. My Sally is bold like that. Direct. Honest. Terribly honest. At least, that’s what I’m thinking about her right now. In all honesty, I don’t know her myself. She’s going to have to show who she is.

And this guy Rick, who is he? A hipster trying to grow his first beard, but it just doesn’t become him? A hillbilly mistaking himself for a classic New Yorker sporting black suit and a cool East Coast Al Pacino accent? A frat boy fantasizing about the perfect softmore blond whose only goal in life is to look good and score a good husband, all before she hits 21, because after that, in her world, in her mother’s world, she’s done, finished, too late in the marriage market, and might as well go get herself a career.

Do we even know how old these folks are? Clearly, Sally has been around. She’s Danish for god sake. Oh, I didn’t just say that did I? In my experience, Danes are more liberal than Americans, they start romance, love, sex early, are a lot less caught up in the Hollywood fantasy about heroes, holy matrimony and lack of graphic sex in films. Danish film doesn’t really hold anything back. Perhaps similar to their folks.

Let’s see. I think Sally is a free spirit. She’s been around. Had a few boyfriends. A few jobs. She wants to be a writer. She wants to experience her own version of the Anais Nin era in Paris. She’s 28 or so. What does women her age know about love, romance? I mean, when I was 28 there was no facebook or tinder, but AIDS had us all scared to consider condoms and avoiding dicy lovers, though that would all be relative. Maybe she’s a cold shit, and just wants to take advantage of Rick’s gullible nature? Maybe she’s using him as research for her own book?

I get carried way. I don’t know Sally. I’m dying to see what happens. I’m dying to meet this Rick.



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