I really need to go to bed, but am finding myself with eyes half closed dragging myself here, as to not leave you hanging.

You’ve put me in a funky space, or rather, Sally on pressure to come up with the leading path for our friend Rick, promising that she knows where the true core of creativity is to be found, the solution to all troubles, whether it’s love, story, collaboration with strangers or otherwise, how to move this story further.

I have considered places in Paris I find particularly interesting, and off the beaten path of stereotype. I’ve thought deep and hard about how the hell to move this story beyond cute conversation. Or even just the days ahead in this story. I’m considering how to create real tension, as to not get bored. But maybe that’s unnecessary?

I do get the difference between talking about the story, and actually writing the story. Even so, we’ve set up a story where they have to write a story, and I guess, to some extend decide on a few basics. I get that it’s fun to throw back and forth, and just see what happens. Fine with that.

Yet, I find the story drags a bit.

And, from chapter to chapter, we are posing questions, situations, and possibly opportunities for drama to rise, and yet, we skip along, those missed opportunities.

Have you joyously skipped away from the meta story, you were so very enamored about, in those first days, because it’s too darn hard to talk about what we know about romance, what is romantic to us versus them, what’s really at stake here?

It could be utterly useless. Or wildly funny. Up to us.

I have not given up on Sally – she may need a more Danish name, agree, I’ll think of one – and I’m determined she’ll find a way to kick up a bit of dust on the Paris journey ahead …

Good nite.


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