Lone is concerned that I’m not open enough about writing or our project.

I agree.

Only recently have I “come out of the closet” as a writer. It was a big deal for me. To have the confidence enough to shed the baggage of a fancy business degree and toss my marketing agency out the window after 10 years, it’s taking some adjusting to embrace what I know is the right thing to do. Hell, who cares about the right thing to do, it’s what I have to do and I only have to do it because I can’t not do it because I love it, I do it, I live it, I am it.

I accept your challenge to be more open about my writing and to stretch the limits I have self imposed.

Bradley is concerned that publishing romance will demote, diminish, if not ruin, his name and literary career, and possibly cast his other self-help and children books in the wrong light.

I’m glad you bring this up because I don’t think this. I think writing fiction is even harder than writing non-fiction and not to mention a whole lot more fun. I think it just broadens our range of talent and is a good exercise in trying something new.

Bradley is having not only second, but third thoughts about this: a) He’s not told Saskia we’re doing this project, b) He’s unsure he wants his name on it.

It’s good that you challenge me here, Lone, because it makes me think about it and forces me to respond and explain.

It’s not just Saskia I didn’t tell about the project, I didn’t tell anyone about the project. Here’s one big reason: for a while, I would tell people about projects I was working on or at least would have liked to have been working on and then they wouldn’t come to much or I’d stall or it would just be forgotten. I don’t want to be the guy who says, “I’m going to stop eating meat and lose 10 pounds!” only to have a cheeseburger the next day and start the diet the next month (or year). Then people ask me how the vegetarianism is going and the weight loss program and I don’t even remember what they’re talking about.

I’d rather get started on something, see where it goes and then, if it goes somewhere or has a life or even better, a finish date and the chances are high that it will be finished, then I’m happy to talk about it.

I’m also rather modest. But I also like to surprise people. I’d rather be the guy who talks about his “little project” only for them to find out that we have a zillion followers and readers and fans and it’s becoming a “big thing.”

But yes, you’re right about the jealousy, too. Not so much that it’s a romance that I’m writing with a woman friend of mine but that it’s just plain fun and I’m having lots of it and it’s not with her.

So as far as (a) and (b) above, I hope this helps a bit. In other words, let’s keep going and see how this month turns out. But I have no second or third thoughts. My thoughts are mostly about what Sally might do next.

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