There are so many signposts along the way. Do you see them? Read them? Follow them?

I was just listening to a podcast I like (Self Publishing Formula, #66) where they were talking about the classic debate between:

  1. Writing what you love.
  2. Writing to market.

The secret, of course, is when you can find a #1 that matches up to a nice #2.

#1 comes from the heart and is easy to find: just start writing and when you’re enjoying it, you’ve found it.

#2 takes some homework, although it doesn’t need to be a Ph.D. thesis. You could simply check out the charts on Amazon or ask around. But still, this isn’t a gut feeling or decision like #1, but something that may research and realize, “Oh, it doesn’t match up very well with #1.” At that point, what do you do?

You have a choice, of course. You then choose to:

  1. Write what you want even if there isn’t much of a market for it.
  2. Write to market even if it’s not what you love.

#1 is going to make you happy, but might not pay the rent. #2 might pay the rent, but you might not be happy.

Happy is important. Rent is important.

What if you found a #1 that had a good #2? What if, say, just for example’s sake, you found a story and even a writing partner that you were having loads of fun writing together with and you just happened to choose a market that, although competitive, is extremely popular. That’s it! That’s the big secret! Right?

So, what’s the problem?

Oh yeah. You have to go through with it. You have to write, to build the story, the tension, maybe even the meta story.

Here’s an even bigger secret: I can’t not do it.

I have skin in the game. We’ve come too far already and I can’t turn back. I know we both want it to happen and there is going to be a trigger of some¬†sort that is going to pull us up to the next step.

Maybe this post is that trigger. Maybe it’s Sally’s next chapter. Who knows. I’ll watch out for it. I know there’s a signpost, I just need to keep my eyes open.

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