Hey Bradley, I’ve been in Christmas and move in mode, and right now I’m in Copenhagen. I’ve not forgotten, but this step back from the Paris story, has given perhaps more reason to consider where the story is going – not in detail, but in terms of what kind of ride we are taking Rick and Sally, AND the reader on.

I took some notes on the trip to Copenhagen yesterday, trying to connect again wth the story. It was hard, in the sense of being dealt a hard hand. Meaning, I could go in all directions, but mostly I think about how to drive the dramatic plot forward and build the tension, in a natural but also unexpected way.

I try to understand what drives Ricks actions and expectations, and also, how Sally would truly respond. Right now, it feels like they are living two different fantasies, but maybe, they are also perfect for the classic ‘who’s pursuing who’ type romance?

We’re on day one, it’s already evocative, romantic tension, there’s tease, jealousy, and awkward moments. He’s moving fast into his own romance, she’s taken aback but also amused. He’s wanting something from her, rather than from the experience. She wants the experience, but not necessarily him. He’s the situation, she wants the story. Maybe he will become her story. 

Writing authentic romance is hard.



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