What happens in Paris doesn’t stay in Paris.

Rick & Sally have one month to write a romance.

They don't know each other, haven't written a romance and aren't sure how to say "separate rooms" in French.

Somebody thought NaNoWriMo would be a great idea.

Ch 19 RY: Do you know what I want more than anything in the world?

It’s Day Two. Who’s ready?

Ch 18 RY: Maybe this wasn’t the best idea ever.

Or maybe it was the best ever.

Ch 17 SS: The Day is not over yet.

Tomorrow, another chance.

Ch 16 RY: Are there special earplugs for awkward silences?

Maybe they should keep talking.

CH 15 SS: He did what?

Some date you are.

Ch 14 RY: I can feel Paris now.

Want to know what I really think?

Ch 13 SS: And then, the plot thickens

Dusk was falling over Paris.

Ch 12 RY: Can’t we just get along?

You want this and I want that. How is this going to work?

Ch 11 SS: When in Paris…

Disclaimer: Rick is American.

Ch 10 RY: Is romance more the lips, the eyes or the heart?

Maybe there’s nothing left to do but write.