Okay. I miss Rick and Sally too. I miss our creative adventure. And maybe I need to loosen up, and let this story unfold, in either direction. In fact, this all feels indicative of my current life situation. Strategy versus play. Plans versus flow. Creative freedom versus marketing ploys.

The pressure of current and oh-so mundane make-life-work worries and needs seems to overshadow my sense of creative freedom, and I try to figure it out, strategize and make plans. Prior experiences of gain and losses and knowing what it really takes are haunting my attic of carefree dreams. I’m acutely aware that I have only so much time, so much energy and creativity to work with, and I want to ensure that my investment creates more life, abundance and joy.

Rick and Sally exist in the attic of carefree dreams. A naughty preoccupation amidst the increasing need to PRIORITIZE and make some DECISIONS about who I’m going to be now, and how I’m going to support myself, my creativity, my freedom, my dreams. I keep thinking, if I put my writing and creativity center stage, (is that even in question at this point?), what would I be willing to do (and perhaps sacrifice) to support myself and my art? Even if inevitable, it feels scary to me. The chance of failing palpable. At this age, evermore vulnerable. Phil Cousineau once said, his way was this: one for me, one for the man. While Rick and Sally is one for me, I gotta figure out, what will be for the man.

So these imagined and real life concerns aside, I do think Sally and Rick are here for us to help unlock our creative flow. They may help us step into new levels of utilizing our skills, creativity and the technology available to us. They may just be a great story. Our story. They may open doors, inside and out. They may just add more life.

So, a new beginning is called for. For Rick and Sally. For me. For us as co-creators.

I’m ready.

On a writerly note, I may simply let Sally take the lead, and jump straight into day two. Day one’s been plenty. We’ll leave it a the awkward cliff-hanger moment. And yes, we may have to rework the chapters a bit for the bigger picture, once we have it.

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