On a mission.

Rick left Sally’s side on a mission. He was both happy to have a task to accomplish and to just step away from the woman who had entered his life with such force in such a short time. Just a matter of hours ago, Sally was a username online and now he was feeding her chocolate mousse and she was challenging him to find a romantic poem in Shakespeare Company in the middle of Paris. What in the world is going on here? he thought to himself and smiled a sly smile as if he knew. But he didn’t.

There were so many books it was overwhelming. He knew no poetry. How was he supposed to find anything? He scanned the walls for inspiration but it was mostly just overwhelming. Did they have a database search in this place? No, not romantic enough. Walk, stop, point, choose, feel your way, go with it. He walked, he stopped, he pointed, he chose, he felt his way. He was going with it.

The Kiss I Never Had – Sydney King Russell

Out of a world of laughter
Suddenly I am sad. . .
Day and night it haunts me,
The kiss I never had.

This month was going to have to more on instinct and less on rationale. More on spur of the moment and less on thought-out processes. He wasn’t going to second guess. He kept his finger on the page and walked quickly but certainly gentlemanly to find Sally.

She was standing in front of a wall of books and her head was bowed down looking at a book in her hands. Her hair was wavy and long and fell over her shoulders to the front and also rested softly down her back. It was messy or was that the look? Did she just get out of bed or just, well, maybe that’s the way it was supposed to look. But it didn’t look messy, it was inviting.

Rick nuzzled his nose into that hair and whispered the words of the poem into her ear.

Startled at first, she eased into the lines and wanted to turn towards Rick after he said the line about being sad. When he said that it haunted him, she did turn towards him and looked him as he spoke the last line that he had memorized. The kiss I never had.

She tried to speak, but couldn’t. They were again so close to each other. Neither moved and neither knew who would make the next move.

Rick weighed his options, but they sped through his mind like lightning:

  1. Kiss her now!
  2. Back up and ask her what she found.
  3. Don’t say anything, just keep staring into those brown eyes.
  4. Read her mind and react to her action before she acts.
  5. Wait for her to react.
  6. Do nothing.

Option #6 was neck and neck nearing the finish line with Option #1. But Option #5 came from behind and won at the last second.

But she didn’t really do or say anything. She turned her face back towards her book and, keeping her eyes on her book, started reading.

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