What’s going to make this different? Better? Stronger?

What’s going to separate the men (the meta story) from the boys (the Paris story)?

Is it maturity? Do you get that automatically with the years? Maybe depth? What does depth mean, anyway? Is it more than caring about how Rick is going to get his first kiss from Sally? I mean, I can’t deny I’m curious about it! I wanna know, too! Does that make me less deep? I’m rooting for Rick here, people! Rick is my team!

Did I just lose the battle right there? Am I not allowed to cheer for Rick and his immature escapades in Paris? No, of course I am! I’m on the sidelines while Rick lives his 20-something life and, if I were to look back and regret actions, I think the only actions I would regret from the past were the actions I didn’t take.

How’s that for deep?

Back to the topic at hand: what is going to make this book different? If the reader is going to learn something along the way, what might we learn, too? What’s going to make it more than just another 20-something romance that sizzles and sidesteps until they end up in bed? Am I wrong? Is that not where most romance books end up? I honestly don’t know, I haven’t read enough romances.

So what is our book really about then?

There, maybe I asked the question now.

Let’s just throw some topics out there. I haven’t had a numbered list in a while and I’m feeling the need.

  1. How does a 40-something look back at his/her 20-somethings?
  2. How does a 40-something look back at his/her 20-somethings and apply it to his/her 50-something years?
  3. How could a 40-something tell a story about a 20-something in a way that was entertaining but also helped the 20-something with living that 20-something life as well as making their fellow 40-something readers make the 50-something romance better.
  4. What is romance, anyway?
  5. What does romance mean for someone in their 20’s? How is that different from someone in their 40’s?
  6. Is romance dead by 37?
  7. If a girl says yes to a month together with you in Paris to “write a book,” does it means that “write a book” is in quotes because it really means something else?
  8. Is 20-something romance “better” than 40-something romance? Oh, really? How so?
  9. Or maybe it’s, “Is 40-something romance “better” than 20-something romance?” 20-somethings would love to know.
  10. Because, at 40-something, we still don’t know the answers, we’re writing our way through possibilities to see what we can learn from ourselves, our characters and our readers.

Ooh, I like #10.

Speaking of reality, I have to go wake up my 13-year old to get to school.

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