Life, nor creativity, follow linear trajectories.

Stories unfold, organically, like life. And yet, as we’re talking big picture life and business, each of us in need of a platform and strategy for our work¬†and brand¬†online, we shift our mind towards one of marketing. The what, why, who, how questions, any marketing guru will ask you to answer for any endeavor you embark upon. Not to forget the question of leverage, audience building, and success. What is success to us?

With this project, we did start out with a grandiose plan of making money on writing romance. Though, we both knew, there was another factor, the fascination with this idea hatched in Bradley’s car some 8 months ago: could we write a two-lane story, the story and the story about the story.

Success: We’re are half way through NanoWriMo, we’ve got this baby started, we’ve written some 16.000 words. We’re following the breadcrumbs, the impulses.

Now, how can we share the fun? Who would even consider this fun? Or, said otherwise, how can we leverage this project and the platforms of Nano, Wattpad, whatever, to test the idea, build audience, and get to that famous fat wad of …. Attention? Likes? Money?

Never lose sight of the initial inspiration …

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