The holiday break extended until the end of January somehow. Where were we?

Oh yes, Paris. Something about Rick dreaming about kissing Sally and Sally dropping the reality bomb. Ouch, that kinda hurt.

It’s January 27, 2017 and here’s what I stand: I miss Rick and Sally. I miss Lone.

When I’m telling Rick’s story, I’m just the messenger. His story is just coming through me so I get to experience it as well. If the story is half as fun for the reader as it is for me, we’ve got a story to tell.

I also like working with Lone. I like that we don’t agree on everything. I like that we have different writing styles and plans for writing, marketing and overall plan for the book (if we have plans at all). I think the meta story is just getting better and better as Rick and Sally truly come alive as characters and even more than characters as we are living through them but they are also giving us life.

I think we’re at the point of no return. We just can’t go back now, we’re too involved in this: emotionally, intellectually¬†and even just plain page numbers. It’s also clearly in the camp of one of those things you’d regret later not doing. Yeah, we can’t have that.

We just need to wrap up Day One. My current opinion is that we wrap up Day One and it’s Book One of the multiple-book series. I’m feeling quite strongly about this. There are just so many angles we can take this and so many stories built into both the Paris and the meta story that it’s just too good to pass up. I feel like we need to take a vote. OK, who’s for continuing?

  1. Bradley
  2. Lone
  3. Rick
  4. Sally

I wonder what Sally is thinking at the end of her first day in Paris? What is going to close out the day? Or do we need to go to earlier chapters and change things up? Spice things up? Add some more drama, more conflict, more je ne sais quoi?

I don’t know the answer, but I want to know the answer and that’s usually reason enough to turn the page of a book.

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