Things are moving fast. Very fast.

Both in Rick’s world and Bradley’s world.

Rick was apparently “dreaming” that Sally kissed him. What was he thinking, anyway? He’s so out of his league. He thinks everything is easy and will fall into his lap. He has a few things to learn in life. That’s OK, that’s why Sally is there. She really needs a new name, she’s just so much sassier and smarter than a Sally–no offense to the Sallys of the world.

Lone and I still haven’t started recording our phone calls, but yesterday’s was truly too bad as it was a turning point. We had some big topics:

  • The non-kiss: “Really? Rick thinks Sally kissed him? On their first day? We need to talk about how to plot out the story for a whole month and they kiss on the first day? Rick has a surprise coming–and it isn’t what he thinks it is!”
  • 24 Hours: Maybe this first day is our “teaser book” and we’ll edit, sharpen and polish and put it out there. Like the pilot for a TV show: give them the first scene and see if they’re hooked.
  • Audience: 20-somethings? 40-somethings? Other-somethings? Who is our main target audience?
  • Platform: Where is this book going to live? Lone brought up how Facebook, Wattpad and others might change their policies or go away entirely. If we live on one of those, we risk having the rug pulled out from under our feet. Solution: our own platform.

We need to talk about these things, but the “Rick” in “Bradley” wants to just plow forward to take action. Yeah, we see where that got him!

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