I’m in a hotel. Again. You’d think all I do is travel, but it’s not the case. I think it’s the opposite: I enjoy writing in other venues, other locations, other environments.

We’re near Muenster, Germany to check out the Christmas market. It’s supposed to be glorious. For me, it’s just So Europe. I love it.

I partly mention this as Europe has such an allure for me. I think it also does for our readers. Both from the Bradley and Lone perspective, but also for Rick and Sally. It’s far away geographically from the States, but it’s also “other worldly,” somehow more romantic and old school and yellow street lamps and walking together down a quiet backstreet in Paris together. Romantic.

You’re doing a good job, Lone, with bringing in the atmosphere of Paris more. Rick needs to notice more and identify differences from what he’s used to from his American perspective. It doesn’t need to be a documentary on French architecture, but more the day-to-day subtle differences to add to the stage design, so to speak.

Map the Future

Briefly, as you have suggested, we need to map out where we’re heading. Well, where all 4 of us are heading. What are the roles of Bradley and Lone in this? Are we along the entire way? Do we maybe quiet down as Rick and Sally develop into their own selves?

But I think you mean more about where are Rick and Sally are heading. We need, of course, a problem / crisis / challenge that they need to overcome. Just a bullet list, but here are a few challenges:

  1. They don’t know each other and are going to spend a month in Paris together. Day One already has been a lifetime. 😉
  2. What are their short-term goals and dreams and plans? Are they just playing it by ear? Is that OK? Or do they want more of a plan? Does the reader need any hint of what’s coming?
  3. What about their long-term plans? Would it help the story if the reader knew where Rick and Sally were coming from?
  4. The past. How much of the past can we bring into this? Sally already has brought in Herve from the past.
  5. Story arc. We’re still on Day One and almost 30 chapters (with BC & LM too) in. Is this book #1 of many? How many? Do we need to know or do we let the story take us where it’s going?
  6. Character sketches. Who is Rick? Who is Sally? Do we need something like a bio somewhere? Nah, fiction books don’t have that. But what about for us, the writers? Does Bradley need to know that Sally never wants to get married and doesn’t actually like wine? Or are they just going to get to know each other organically? I don’t know how much needs to be mapped out and how much just winging it.

I could keep going with the questions, but I’ll stop there as an exercise in just asking questions to see where we are.

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