Nov 3, 2016

Rick & Sally haven’t even met and Rick is already out of his league.

I just read Sally’s first chapter as she arrives in Paris and I’m really not sure Rick is up for this! Sally says things like “silky scarf” and “something to get her heart beating faster” then the next thing you know she’s naked in the bathtub and something about oil!?

Rick needs to go home. Rick just wants to write books and, I don’t know, go up the Eiffel Tower. Sally sounds exotic and experienced and did she say “blind date”? I think Sally got into the wrong chat room at NaNoWriMo.

But maybe Rick can take a leap of faith. Maybe she doesn’t bite. Maybe she does and maybe that’s OK. No, they’re in Paris to write a book. They have a month and then it’s just, “Thanks! That was great. See you at the book signings on tour!” Call it a day. Rick is all business. Right, Rick?

Maybe Rick needs to expand his horizons. I’m pretty sure he has no idea what he’s getting into. A month in Paris with a woman he met online. Sounds innocent enough. Here’s an example day:

  1. Wake up,
  2. Tea and croissant in local cafe downstairs,
  3. Meet Sally in cafe and talk about scenes and tasks for the day,
  4. Write all day.

La La Land

Yeah, that’ll happen. Who is he kidding? A month in Paris to write a book, a romance, no less and together with this Sally person? Rick is going to need to double up on his protein shake in the morning and get his game on if he is to survive a week in this city–especially with her.

I need to get over to Chapter 3 and make sure Rick is ready.

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