I’m not stuck.

Well, not stuck like that. I’m stuck under the sink. Installing new cabinets. With a drill in one hand and a screw in the other. We’re installing a new kitchen and it’s taking away from Rick and Sally’s time. That’s where I’m stuck.

You write that maybe we need more structure, that we need to get back to the meta and not just wander along through Paris looking for romance or whatever might come along.

You see, this is where a partnership plays a role. I’m such a wanderer. I love wandering and seeing what happens, where I might end up and where the path takes me. This is all fine if I’m wandering alone. But now you’re here–and Rick is here and Sally is here and our fanatic and practically uncountable readership is waiting to see how the meta story will play out. Sure, they are enjoying the wandering of Rick and Sally too, but they do want some meat in the matter.

If Rick and Sally are just fluff for now, where is the backbone?

The backbone is going to need to come from us, from the meta. We’re going to work through this, with structure and planning combined with a bit of the unexpected, OK, a lot of the unexpected, to more forward, but also to move upward to take this to a new level. Sally and Rick are having fun, but they also know they’re beating around the bush, they know they need to get down and dirty (well, in more ways than one … ) and figure out what’s going to happen.

The kitchen is almost done and I’ll exchange the power drill for the keyboard and we’ll get this party rolling.

Now, I consciously didn’t read Sally’s latest first, so I’m going to go do that now and see if Rick is going to cower into the corner or roar up and show his true self.

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