Lone, I’m just plopping this in here to get something to work with.

How could we structure this? If this is the first “meta” chapter (San Francisco), how does it work? Is it me (Bradley) writing. Next chapter is you? Or is it a dialogue that I write, that we record? For kicks, I’m going to do a little bit of stage-style back and forth.

Bradley: How are book sales?

Lone: Is that a trick question?

B: No, really. Is it paying your mortgage?

L: That would be a No. Is it paying yours?

B: It’s paying for gas.

L: How far?

B: I think we’ll get across the Golden Gate Bridge.

L: I see.

They get across the bridge and leave San Francisco behind. Ahead is a writer’s workshop and an evening of writing and marketing ideas to sell books.

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