About Us (all of us)

Somehow, 2 of us became 4 of us who are now 6 of us. 

The secret of our success?

Our Team

The Woman. The Man. The Girl. The Boy. 

The Woman


Been there, done that. Lone is ready for Sally to take off and be the 27-year old she is. Wait, who is? 


I get carried way. I don’t know Sally. I’m dying to see what happens. I’m dying to meet this Rick.

Only Sally knows what Lone really thinks.

The Man


Been there, done that. Ready for more. Got more? Good, ready for that. 


Writing for me is like fish food and I can’t stop it even if I wanted to–even though I might explode if you let me write without limits.

Only Bradley knows what Rick really thinks. But even he doesn’t know.

The Boy

Rick York

Hasn’t really been there, might have done that. But eager to give it a go.


I’m not just pretending to be mysterious or cool or suave, but I really don’t know what’s going to happen and that, my dearest newest friend, is romantic.

Rick might know exactly what he’s talking about.

The Girl

Sally Strutling

Has actually really been there, and probably has done that. You’re just going to have to get it out of her.


Sally takes almost sweet pleasure in surprising him, though he’s not getting away with challenging her or for that matter taking romance out of Paris.

Does Sally know what she’s doing?

There they are. Then. Now. Later.